Here is how you can donate to Jeffery Morse Ministries.


We covet your prayers!  This is the first way you can donate. Please take some time and pray for us. Pray for guidence, help, closeness to the Lord Jesus, that our goals and directions line up with His goals and directions for us, for favor, for open doors into ministry opportunities, that all our ministries will be successful and fruitful seeing souls won to Christ Jesus. and finally for provision, and finances. This is the most important way we ask for your support. Please partner with us Here..


Please stop by our Web Store.  The web store is located off of our artist page.  Most songs are available for less than a dollar but every dollar counts. Thank you for your time and purchase.


Giving is always a great way to support the efforts of Jeffery Morse Ministries. During the year we are involved in a few ministries with a vision to grow. Our Online Radio, Or the Over the Air radio show are great examples of The Word going out. Please consider making your donation below.

Currently the normal Donation Page is Down Please use Either of These Choices for Secure Donations.

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